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The GL facebook page now has a downloads section where you can grab live set and DJ recordings, gratis. Well, you do need to “like” the page. But if you’re reading this, maybe you’ve already done that. Go directly to the downloads »

Crowded Mouth EP Out Now

Crowded Mouth EP Out Now

Would you like to unburden yourself from all those extra rows of teeth you’ve suddenly grown? If so, Gunnar Lockwood’s Crowded Mouth EP can help, with slamming warehouse techno and mutant future funk to shake your teeth loose.

Podcast : Less talk More Plok

Podcast : Less Talk More Plok

Here’s a promo mix for KRecordings, full of recents and classics. According to Dave Segal, it’s “geared to make you move more elegantly and purposefully than you’re used to”. That sounds like a good thing. Listen in the browser or download and store for later like a clever squirrel.

Live in Seattle Shameless Social 22 Dec 2012

Live in Seattle at Shameless Social

Live set at Electric Tea Garden in Seattle featuring a ton of new tracks, sharing the bill with some of Seattle’s most brilliant DJ’s and producers: Joel Pryde (Trax Pad, Basic Sounds),” Joe Bellingham (Shameless), Adlib (Shameless), Withrock (Shameless), Moist Towelette (Shameless). Event page on Facebook »